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Welcome to the Shifting Gears Page!  It's our automotive how-to show demonstrating everything from simple projects like oil changes and brake jobs all the way to major projects like motor swaps and restorations.  We'll even show you what to look for when you're shopping for a used car and what to inspect on your car before you go on that long road trip.  Our goal is to inform you about everything car-related while adding in some helpful tips and a little humor as we go.  Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a full-fledged mechanic, we hope you find the show helpful and entertaining at the same time.   And if you have questions or comments, our contact info is available below.  All of our episodes are available right here!  Scroll down to see the full list.
If you've never seen the show before, watch our intro first.  It explains what the show is all about and what you need to know as you watch other episodes.  Plus, it introduces us - probably the only time you'll see us not covered in grime!

Episode 1
2007 Chrysler Pacifica AWD to 2WD Conversion

In this episode, we demonstrate how to turn an all-wheel-drive vehicle into a two-wheel-drive vehicle.  The reason we're doing this is because a gear bearing in the transfer case seized up and destroyed the gear and transfer case housing.  Instead of replacing the transfer case, the owner has opted for the less-expensive fix of taking it out all together.
Episode 2
2009 Chevrolet HHR Control Arm Replacement

In this episode, we replace a control arm with a damaged bushing that has ripped itself apart due to wear and tear.  Though it is possible to replace just the bushing itself, it is typically more cost effective and time effective to replace the whole control arm, as Ken will show you.
We're here for you!
Here's our contact information:
If you have automotive questions for Ken, his email address is

Or, you can simply fill out this convenient form below and submit it directly to him.  Don't forget, Ken's Baker Auto Repair is a working shop, so he will be answering questions between jobs.  If it takes him a little time to get back to you, it's not because he's ignoring you.  He's just trying to do some jobs and make some money!
If you have questions about the show or have a project you'd like to see on the show, email us at

Or, you can simply fill out this convenient form and submit it directly to us.  As with Ken's Baker Auto Repair, Tattered Sails Pictures is a working production company with projects other than Shifting Gears.  So if it takes us some time to get back to you, don't fret.  We will get back to you.
Thanks for watching the show!

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